10 Random Nail Facts

Our nails are a beautiful part of the body that are made to protect the skin beneath it. Unfortunately sometimes infections can occur, as with any other body part, and can cause pain or inconvenience. Below are a few random facts you may not have known about nail health.

  1. Children and pregnant women are more susceptible to developing an ingrown nail than men.
  2. Our nails grow faster in the summertime than any other season.
  3. Our middle finger grows the fastest of any other nail.
  4. Our fingernails grow twice as fast as the nails on our toes (that explains why we need to get manicures more often than pedicures!)
  5. Our nails grow far slower as we age.
  6. Trauma to the nail can result in a nail fungal infection.
  7. The nails on the hand that you favor grow faster.
  8. Wearing tight shoes/socks can cause an ingrown nail.
  9. Biting your nails can not only cause a nail fungus but can also cause an ingrown nail. Moreover, biting your nails can also make you physically ill due to the bacteria under the nails that you ingesting.
  10. If your nails grow too fast or too slow, this can cause an ingrown nail as well.
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