When you get nail fungus, it is very important to get medical treatment to keep them from spreading to other nails or to other people. However, even if you treat your nail fungus, it could easily come back if you don’t change your lifestyle that encourages your toenails to get another infection. Here are 10 ways to prevent reinfection of your toenail.

  1. Wear flip-flops or sandals in public places.

    • Try not to walk in barefoot especially in moist areas. It includes gyms, pools, spas, and public showers. This could prevent you from catching fungus.

  2. After treating your nail fungus, throw away your footwear

    • Fungus thrives in footwear including shoes, ski wear, boots, and socks.

  3. Change your socks every day

    • Put on a clean pair of socks every day. Also, change your socks when your feet sweaty. This could prevent fungi from growing.

  4. Give your shoes a break

    • You can decrease the growth of fungi by giving shoes 24 hours to dry out. Fungi develop in the warm moist area. Try to wear different shoes once in a while so your shoes can breathe and keep the fungus from growing.

  5. Keep your nails short.

    • Keep your toenails shorter than the end of your toes. This can prevent the fungi from getting under the nails and mount up.

  6. Clean nail clipper before using it

    • Fungi can thrive on nail clippers or other nail tools. Use soap water to clean and wipe it with alcohol.

  7. Wash your feet every day

    • Wash your feet with soap every day. Don’t forget to wash between your toes. Dry well after washing them.

  8. Moisturize your skin

    • Fungi get into your nails through cracks in your skin. Moisture your skin within 5 minutes of bathing.

  9. Treat your athlete’s feet ASAP

    • The fungus on your feet can spread to your toenails. If you treat your fungus on your toenails, do not forget to treat fungus on your feet as well.

  10. Do not share things that could spread nail fungus

    • You can easily pick up other people’s fungal infection by sharing nail clippers, towels, socks. shoes, and other things.