When you go to work, school, gym, or even when you stay in your room, your toes spend most of the time in your shoes. That means how you keep your shoes clean is crucial for toenail fungus prevention. If your toenail fungus keeps coming up, or if your toenails keep having an abnormal look even after proper treatment, it could be that the problem lies not with your feet but your shoes. Here, we will go over three ways that can foster the growth of toenail fungus.

  1. Wearing shoes that are too tight

    • Some people misunderstand the right size of the shoes and tend to get shoes that feel suitable but do not have enough space around their toes. When there is no such space in your shoes, you get a lot of microtraumas to your toenails throughout the day, which accumulates and could cause a variety of abnormality on your nails. Fungi usually go into the nail through the nail crack and small injuries, so putting stress to your toenail could increase the risk of getting fungal nail infection.

  2. Shoes work as a medium

    • Many people are careful not to get fungi from other people at public places such as pool or gym. However, they easily forget that their own shoes are also the perfect place that they get nail fungus. If your shoes are contaminated, you keep exposing yourself to fungi every single day until you clean it. Also, shoes have an ideal environment for the nail fungus to thrive, so as soon as it is contaminated, you should get the fungus off by cleaning or spraying antifungal spray. Since fungi are invisible and impossible to tell, it is important to clean your shoes constantly.