A Few things You Probably Did Not Know About Nail Fungus

Nail infections are not only awful to look it, sometimes painful, but are also tough to get rid of and have many causes. Most people are not sure how they could have got it or the multiple ways that they could have obtained it.

  1. It stays in its place. Most of the time at least. If you have a fungus only on the toenails it usually stays and thrives there. This does not mean that you cannot develop it on the fingernails however. This is still a possibility but is only likely to occur if you do not treat your toenails or if you obtain it the same way that you caught the toenail infection.
  2. It can still spread. If you have a fungus on one nail it is likely to spread to the adjacent nails if left untreated. It may also spread to the skin, which is often the result of athlete’s foot. Lastly, it can spread to the genitals (yikes!), which is the result of jock itch. This can happen when pulling underwear on or over the infected toes. So maybe make sure to wear socks when putting on underwear.
  3. With age comes many health issues and statistics show that individuals over the age of 60 are likely to developing a nail infection.
  4. No not by holding hands or playing footsy (although warm sweaty footsy might),, but sharing socks, shoes, or shower/bath space with  someone who has a nail fungus or athlete’s foot makes you a huge target of developing a nail fungus as well.
  5. Injury or Trauma. When the nail or toes has sustained an injury it likely has damaged the toenail. This is true for athletes, those who wear ill-fitting shoes (too tight or too big), or if you happened to have dropped a heavy object on your feet, stubbed your toe against a hard surface, or slammed your finger into a car door, then a fungus can easily form as a result.
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