Age and Health

As many of us are already well aware , growing old comes with its pros and cons. With age comes many added responsibilities but also health issues. As adults we must not only be aware of the problems but also be able to tackle them before they arise or reach a level of no control. Nail fungus is one such issue that elderly individuals are more susceptible to getting. In fact, nail fungus affects 20% of people over the age of 60 and 50% of individuals over the age of 70, making age a huge risk factor. Furthemore, it is estimated that about 5% of the population suffers from a nail infection.

So why is it that the more you age, the more prone you are to an infection of the nails? Well let’s think of this logically. As with many diseases or infections it comes down to exposure. When your body has been exposed to certain environments it will likely begin to adapt, which is not always a good thing. In terms of fungal nail infections, the prolonged exposure to the fungal causing environments is the reasoning. For example, wearing socks, especially ones that cause perspiration is a big one. Another one is trauma and frequently spending time on the feet. Shoes that do not fit properly is yet another reason. Furthermore, the immune system is a lot weaker when we age so this makes us more susceptible to getting ill. Lastly, with age we need to understand that our bodies have gone through a lot; bumps and lumps and everything in between, so we need to recognize this is tearing our bodies down. Just like a plant that sits through many seasons, eventually its leaves will change color and fall off.

With that said, we need to remember that with age comes the increased responsibility of looking after ourselves and doing our best to dodge all the potential health issues that can come our way.


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