All About Fungi

Fungi are these little critters that exist almost all around us. We can find them on most surfaces and in places such as molded bread, old food, rising bread, and on forest floors. The main purpose for most fungi are to decompose non living things, however some can be harmful and destroy plants and crops. Others can also affects us humans and cause us fungal infections that are unsightly and near impossible to get rid of.

Fungi thrive off of both living or dead matter such as plants or animals where they grow on, and they absorb nutrients from these materials. Their main sources of nutrients are the sugars since it is easily dissolvable. They mainly spread by forming spores that reproduce, these can be carried through the wind or rain or through growth by spreading their hyphae, which are basically a chain of fungal cells.

These microscopic creatures can act both independently and in groups. once one has found a place of habitat, more begin to form. The bigger in size they grow, the harder it is to kill them. They are extremely tough considering they break through the walls of plants, foods, and nails.


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