An interview with Laser Nail Therapy Operations Team

Congratulations for opening the Sacramento, Chicago and Columbus locations! Why did you choose the PinPointe Foot Laser? There are many lasers for treating toenail funfus. What is special about the Pinpoint Foot Laser?

Pinpoint has the longest track record of success in the industry. This laser was the first one to get the FDA approval. Most patients with toenail fungus demand this specific laser for nail treatment. The PinPointe Laser is a dedicated laser for toenail fungus removal. Many other lasers are used for several kinds of treatments. The Pinpointe was designed from the grounds up to fight toenail fungus and the design was not compromised just so it can perform more functions.

Is the Pinpointe Laser treatment proven to be successful?
We are extremely pleased with the results of the PinPointe Foot Laser. We see over 80% success in our clinics. Patients are happy with the convenient and quick way in which we cure their toenail fungal infection.

Is there a recovery period?
Patients can resume all activities immediately after the treatment.

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