Some people that have a toenail fungal infection have experienced seeing results by treating it with home remedies. This usually helps with the more minor cases or for the beginning stages of a fungus. Additionally, some remedies work better for some than others. One example is cornmeal.

Many sufferers have noted that the use of cornmeal has been a sufficient method to treat their fungal nail infection. This however is not a medical treatment nor is it a cure so results may vary.

Begin this treatment by making a cornmeal soak. Use a small container, but big enough for your foot to fit,  and place about an inch of cornmeal. Proceed by adding about an inch of lukewarm water over to the cornmeal and allow it to sit for about an hour, allowing for the concoction to form. You may then put the feet in the mixture, adding more warm water, enough to cover the feet. Allow the feet to soak for an hour, making sure the entire foot is covered in the mixture, not just the toes, since the fungal spores may be present on other parts of the foot that are not visible to the naked eye. Finally, you may wash off the cornmeal-water mixture from the feet and pat the feet and toes dry with a towel. You may repeat this process once per week until you notice improvement and clearing.

As mentioned above this may not work for everyone nor is it a medically tested treatment option. You may however notice great results as well so it never hurts to try!