Apple Cider, Not Just A Salad Dressing!

Apple cider has been known to serve multiple uses. Some use it as a general salad dressing, others use it to add flavor to foods, some may use it for dieting in a beverage, even as a disinfectant of some sort. Recently, people have been acknowledging it as a anti fungal treatment option.

People have found that apple cider vinegar contains enzymes that have antifungal properties and disinfect the nails and surrounding skin. If you are suffering from a nail fungus and it appears to be in its minor stages, you may do this process very easily. Simply by soaking a cotton ball with the apple cider vinegar and then applying it onto the infected nails three times per day. Consumption of the vinegar would also help in conjunction with the direct application. This will help kill the fungus from the inside and out. Please note that vinegar is a strong in acidity so if you decide to drink it make sure you do so in moderation so that you do not cause any internal harm.

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