Artificial Nails and Nail Fungus

Many women suffer from nail fungus, both fingernail and toenail. As women, aesthetics and appearance is more important to us, so when something like a nail fungus occurs, we find it quite embarrassing. For this reason many of us opt for acrylic or artificial nails to cover up the unsightly nail and help us mask the issue, however this is not the proper solution to the nail fungus and causes the infection to further and ultimately worsen.

Sinc artificial nails are chemicals that harden over our own  nails and covers up the whole real nail, it causes whatever that is inbetween the real nail and artificial nail to stay in place, and essentially mold. Fungus is a form of mold and acrylic nails will only cause this infection to worsen, especially when the artificial nail grows out and is ready for a fill. The space where the artificial nail and the real nail have grown out also causes further buildup of bacteria and other fungi causing infections to occur.

If you have a nail fungus or want to avoid a nail fungus, it is important to either avoid acrylic nails all together or visit reputable salons who are specialized and disinfect their instruments.

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