There is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent a nail fungus infection. While people can certainly decrease their chances of becoming infected by doing things such as avoiding injury, there is always going to be a chance of an infection no matter what is done. Of course, people who don’t even try to prevent a nail fungus infection are going to be more at risk. If this person is an athlete, the risk goes up even more.

Athletes tend to spend lots of time on their feet, making them a target for nail fungus. This is because nail fungal organisms thrive in moist environments such as sweaty feet. The more someone sweats, the greater the chance that nail fungus will be able to grow. Athletes who suffer from constantly sweaty feet should pay more attention to them and make sure they continuously wipe away their sweat throughout the day. They should also be prepared to change into an extra pair of shoes and a few extra pairs of socks, especially if they will be exercising for a long period of time.

Another important thing for athletes to pay attention to is the shower they use. Public showers are a breeding ground for nail fungus so athletes should avoid them if possible. This is probably only feasible if they live nearby so a public shower may have to do. Keeping in mind that nail fungal spores can spread from one person to another, athletes who use public showers should always wear showers inside of the shower. Washing their feet can and should be done, but they should make sure their feet never touch the shower floor.