Since athletes use their feet a lot for running, kicking, or jumping, they see podiatrists regularly. Toenail fungus is also one of the most common issues why people visit a podiatrist. Fungi can infect the nail after an injury or trauma. The trauma can be a result of someone stepping on your foot after playing sports such as football or basketball. You can also cause trauma on your toenails when you kick the ball when you play soccer. As an athlete, you can be highly susceptible to a fungal infection.

Another reason to get a fungal infection is the environment your toenails are in. The shoes you wear is the perfect environment for fungus to thrive. It is usually moist and warm due to sweat. It is easy for you to get fungus on your feet, hence athlete’s foot. If an athlete’s foot is not treated properly, the fungus can spread and infect the nails. 

The problem is, if you get fungus in your toenails, it can be very difficult to get rid of. It is almost impossible to treat it without professional help. If you ignore the problem, it will just get worse and more difficult to treat. And because the infection starts small, you might not notice it right away until it is too late. 

Common treatment options that are readily available are topical treatments such as antifungal creams or solutions. These topical treatments may seem easy but it is not very effective. The fungus burrows into the nail bed through the cracks of the nails, caused by trauma from playing sports. Topical treatments will not be able to reach the fungus deep into the nail, rendering it ineffective. Another option is oral medication. This type of treatment is more effective than topicals, but it has harmful side effects. Antifungal pills can cause liver damage, stomach issues, and skin rashes.

The most effective way to eradicate a fungal infection of the toenails is with laser treatment. In our clinics, we use the FDA approved PinPointe Laser. This is the most effective laser in the market, and does not harm the nail or the surrounding skin nor cause any dangerous side effects.

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