There are many benefits when it comes to playing sports. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages as well. People who consider themselves athletes and take part in sports on a regular basis are at a greater risk of a nail fungus infection. A combination of sweaty feet and foot injuries due to the sporting event can be major factors when it comes to getting an infection, which is why it is important for athletes to be extra cautious before they take part in their regular sporting activities.

Athletes will often spend a lot of time on their feet, making them a big target for toenail fungus. This is due to the fact that nail fungal organisms thrive in moist environments such as sweaty feet. The more an athlete sweats, the greater the chance that toenail fungus will be able to grow in these environments. Athletes who suffer from constantly sweaty feet should pay more attention to their toes and make sure that they continuously wipe away their sweat multiple times throughout the day. They should also bring a few extra pairs of socks with them so they can change into them throughout the sporting event.

In addition to keeping their feet dry and healthy, one other thing that athletes should keep in mind is the shower that they use. Public showers are a breeding ground for toenail fungus so athletes should avoid them at all costs if possible. Since this might only be feasible if they live nearby they might not have a choice. In cases like these, athletes will want to wear shoes inside the shower to keep their feet from being infected with any nail fungus that lives on the shower floor. As long as they can do this they will decrease their chances of becoming infected with nail fungus.