Avoiding Nail Fungus in the Home

If you live with someone who has nail fungus a couple of different thoughts probably went through your mind when you first found out about it. First, you probably realized that you never really thought much about nail fungus until you knew someone who became infected. Second, you had no idea how to avoid becoming infected with nail fungus yourself.

Living with someone who has been infected with nail fungus greatly increases the chances of your own nail fungus infection. This is because nail fungus is highly contagious. But don’t worry too much. Just because someone else has nail fungus it doesn’t guarantee that you will also become infected. There are certainly ways that you can decrease your chances of end up with your own case of nail fungus.

If you think that the nail fungus has already spread around the house you should quickly and carefully wash any places you suspect that the fungus already lives. You should then ask the person you live with to wear shoes around the house, especially in the shower if you share it with the other person. The shower is one of the most common spots for nail fungus to spread so the best thing you could do is find a new place to wash up if possible. If for any reason you have to use the same shower and the other person can’t wear sandals or water shoes while using it, it is important for you to make sure that the shower is properly scrubbed and washed before you use it yourself. As long as you follow these tips you won’t have to worry as much about becoming infected with your housemate’s nail fungus.

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