In North America, around 10% of the population have toenail fungus – the condition is more common in older people, such that it is estimated 20 % of people over 60 and 50 % of those over 70 have fungal nail infection according to UC Berkely (

Unfortunately, toenail fungus is very easy to spread out person to person. The fungi can easily infect your toe from contaminated surfaces such as a wet floor, shoes, socks, towel, and much more.

Some preventative habits, however, can help decrease the spread of the fungal infection to others. Those are simples but very important to keep your family and loved ones healthy. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • Do not share your footwear

    • Don’t let others borrow your shoes, socks, and even your slippers or flip-flops. If you have toenail fungus, there is a high chance that your shoes and socks are contaminated.

  • Do not walk barefoot

    • When you go to public places such as a communal pool or gym, you may be careful not to walk barefoot because such places will be shared with hundreds of people. However, you should also not walk barefoot around your home. Walking barefoot in your house can contaminate many random things, which can easily transfer to other family members or anyone who visits you.

  • Clean places where fungus loves

    • Fungus thrives in a warm, dark, and humid environment. Try to clean those places more often, such as bathrooms. Also, try to wash your shoes one in a while.

  • Use antifungal products

    • You can easily buy antifungal products for your shoes and other things that can kill the fungus present at a time. While It is hard to wash your shoes every day, spraying or powdering is much easier and doable every day. Inside of the shoes is an optimal environment for fungi to thrive, so it is very important to clean your shoes frequently.