But How Did I Get Infected?

So you have nail fungus, and you’ve dedicated all your free time to treating it yourself. You’ve read up on all the treatments, their success rates, their side effects, people’s personal success stories and reviews. You’re fully educated in all the different home remedies and concoctions people have used and have tried them all for yourself yet your stubborn nail fungus doesn’t seem to be budging. At the end of a long hard day, while you’re soaking your feet in a bleach bath for the second time that day, you can’t help but wonder to yourself; why? Why me? The real question isn’t why, rather, how? How did you get infected?

Between 6 and 8 percent of the adult population suffers from nail fungus infections. Nail infections are more commonly found in men rather than women, same with the elderly over the young.

Nail fungus infections are caused by tiny microscopic organisms also know as fungi. Usually a group of fungi called dermatophytes are responsible for nail fungus infections. However often times these same infections can be caused by yeast or mold. Fungal spores that cause nail infections usually enter the skin through small cuts or separations between the nail and nail bed. Then the fungus is free to grow if the environment provides suitable for the fungus thriving in dark, damp, and warm settings.

This is why toenail fungus is so common, we can get is so easily from our shoes! Our sneakers, running shoes, work boots you name it! Do yourself a favor and disinfect your shoes on the regular, be proactive and apply antifungal creams. Change your socks as needed. So long as you’re proactive and hygienic nail fungus can be completely avoidable!

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