If you have yellowing, cracked, brittle, or thick nails that may or may not be painful, it’s possible that you have nail fungus. When faced with this problem, most people seek out a number of different solutions, ranging from home remedies (ineffective) to seeking medical attention (the best option). One of the options that people turn to is trying to get nail salons to treat their nail fungus. 

The short answer to whether nail salons can treat your nail fungus: no, they cannot. The staff at nail salons are not medical professionals, and as such they are not equipped to deal with a medical condition like nail fungus. To treat nail fungus in the first place, you would need a diagnosis, and only a medical professional such as a doctor, physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner would be able to provide you with a diagnosis. A nail technician is simply not qualified to do this. 

Most places you enquire with will let you know right away that nail salons cannot treat your nail fungus. However, even if a nail salon were to claim that it can fix your nail fungus, what they would be doing is to cut off the part of the nail that appears infected. This would be ineffective because the fungus resides not on the nail itself but on the nail bed, and even if you were to cut off the apparently infected part of the nail, the fungus would remain on the nail bed. What is more, nail salons are often guilty of causing fungal nail infections in the first place by reusing utensils and failing to sterilize or properly clean their equipment or foot baths. 

Nail fungus is a serious medical attention that should only be resolved by medical professionals. To treat your nail fungus, you can schedule a free consultation with a doctor at one of over 120 locations by calling 1-(800) 672-0625, or going to https://www.lasernailtherapy.com/.