You, like many others, may have desperately scoured the internet in search of a quick home remedy for nail fungus. Upon your search you might have come across the suggestion to soak your limbs in bleach to kill the fungus. However, this is a complete myth. 

The reasoning behind this suggestion is that bleach is a great disinfectant that can kill fungal spores. While this much is correct, the fact remains that the fungus lives not on the nail itself, but on the nail bed under the nail. So, the bleach actually would not be able to reach the fungus at all. 

More importantly, however, the main reason to avoid bleach as a remedy is that it is extremely harmful for the body. Not only is it toxic if unintentionally ingested, it is also corrosive to the skin, even when diluted. Furthermore, it also releases toxic fumes that are harmful for you too. 

If you are experiencing nail fungus and would like to get it treated, do not turn to solutions from the internet and instead seek professional advice from a doctor, as you should with all medical conditions. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors at one of our over 120 locations.