As you explore nail fungus treatment options for your children, you may have come across a few different options, and looked at their pros and cons. Taking that into consideration, it is not surprising that you are left wondering if laser treatment is a safe and appropriate option to treat your child’s nail fungus. 

When you look at other treatment options for nail fungus for your child, they seem to have a laundry list of drawbacks. Over-the-counter topical treatments are less than 1% effective, and prescription topical treatments are barely any more at 6% effective. Plus, you cannot trust your children to not touch their feet or put their hands in their mouth. While oral medications are much more effective, they have severely detrimental effects on the liver, and can result in liver damage or even death. While your child is on the oral pill for nail fungus, they will have to go regular testing to monitor their liver health, which should be an automatic disqualifier. 

On the other hand, laser treatment using the FDA-approved PinPointe laser is completely safe for your child. The laser uses a concentrated heat source to kill nail fungus through heat damage, at a level that is painless and harmless to your child’s skin. Since it specifically targets the nail fungus, it is harmless to the skin or the nail. There is also no downtime or painful recovery period. 

Considering all this, laser treatment for nail fungus is absolutely suitable for your children. To cure your child’s nail fungus, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors at one of our over 120 locations, including Charlotte, NC.