Can Diabetes Cause an Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown toenails can occur in anyone, however some people are more susceptible to developing one over others. As with nail fungus, ingrown toenails are likely to develop on individuals that have a weaker immune system. Diabetics have a weak immune system therefore they are typically the ones to develop nail infections and ingrown nails.

Ingrown nails can become more serious for individuals who are diabetic, have poor circulation, and/or nerve damage (also known as neuropathy). It is important to visit a doctor if you are diabetic and have developed a nail infection of any sort, as it can become more serious and you may lose sensation in the toes, which can ultimately lead to the infection spreading to other parts of your body.  Additionally, home or self-treatment should not be practiced by individuals who are diabetic with an ingrown nail or nail fungus.

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