Can Hot Water Help with My Ingrown Nail?

An ingrown nail can sometimes be extremely difficult or simple to resolve. Depending on how bad the case is, meaning how far deep the nail has gone, there could be a simple solution; hot water.

If you are experiencing pain, inflammation, redness, or soreness due to the ingrown nail, then hot water will be your friend. The warm water will not only help sooth the area, but will also soften the tissue surrounding the ingrown, making it easier to remove or help separate the ingrown nail. Make sure that the water is specifically just warm and not steaming hot, otherwise you can burn yourself and cause more damage.

So how do you do it? Take a bucket or a large bowl, or anything big enough to hold your foot, and fill it up with hot water. Once the water is warm enough and not too hot for your skin you can then soak your foot or feet in and let it sit for about ten minutes or so. Once the time is up, dry the feet and see if the area is ready to separate on your own. If not do not attempt to force it. You can repeat the warm water soak a few times a day for several days until the issue is resolvable. If you still cannot do it on your own, seek out a podiatrist to further help you with the issue.

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