Can I infect My Household?

How infectious is nail fungus? Is it possible to infect those around you? Your loved ones, family, and friends? The answer is yes! And very easily too! But why? What makes fungus so easily spreadable and how do we stop this epidemic?

It’s the fungal spores, fungal spores are present in every case of nail fungus and they can travel airborne moving from toenail to toenail, and can ever travel upwards towards your fingernails. These fungal spores can take root in your shoes, socks, carpet, shower floors, and tiles if not disinfected and treated. Your shared common areas can become war zones of infectious fungal spores if a family member or roommate is harboring nail fungus.

Carpets are infamous for nail fungus as well! Children love taking off their socks and shoes and running barefoot in long carpets while playing. And nail fungus is blind to children’s innocence. Nail fungus is something that can infect the young, old, sick, and healthy. If you yourself are a victim to nail fungus and are currently seeking treatment be sure that when you’re communicating with your technician or doctor they mention that whatever treatment you prefer they will be treating ALL of your nails, NOT just the infected ones. You may think you’re saving a few bucks but in reality the fungal spores are so infectious that if you only treat the few nails that you see physically have the fungus, you are most likely just going to end up reinfecting yourself. Which means you will have to constantly rely on whichever treatment you sought making them more money in the long run.

So even though the full price of treating all of your nails may seem like it’s breaking the bank, it’s within your best interest to treat all of them to risk reinfection at all costs. If not, then you might as well not seek treatment to begin with and should try home remedies instead!

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