Can My Nail Fungus Spread to other Parts of My Body?

Many people avoid treating their nail fungus for one reason or another. Either they think the issue will go away on its own, or they believe that simply nothing will work or that they have too extreme or a case, etc. For whatever reason this can lead to further damage to the nail not only in appearance but also in the overall health of the nail.

According to doctors who specialize in nail disorders, about one out of every twenty-four cases of nail fungus will spread to other parts of the body such as the fingernails, hands, back, and legs. Elderly individuals and/or those who take medications that weaken immunity are more susceptible to the spreading of fungus.

Furthermore if you allow the problem to persist and go untreated the fungus will progressively move from the cuticle (where it originates typically) to the tip of the nail. It can also cause the nails to thicken, become discolored, brittle, and become inflamed and/or painful.

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