Toenail fungus can lodge on to almost any surface it finds and use it to both infect new hosts and reinfect people who have already caught it. Because of this, surfaces that have a high risk of having a fungus on them (like locker room floors and nail clippers) should be touched with caution. One of the biggest culprits for toenail fungus carriers are shoes. These make the perfect environment for toenail fungus spread because of the high moisture content in the walls of the shoe. 

Because shoes can easily spread toenail fungus, you should be very cautious to not share them with anybody. Wearing somebody else’s for even just a day, even with socks on, can cause you to become infected. 

Many patients who are in the process of treating their toenail fungus are worried about a potential reinfection with the fungus. Some patients think they need to throw away all of their shoes and get a completely new footwear wardrobe. This is usually not necessary. Most people can simply use an antifungal shoe spray to disinfect their shoes in between wears. 

Doing this is most useful when you receive a highly effective treatment for the fungus itself. The PinPointe laser is sufficient to kill all of the fungus under your nails with just one treatment. After this treatment, you can then disinfect all of your shoes. Since you won’t have any fungus on your toes, the risk of a fungal spore being present on the wall of your shoe will be very low. Other treatments kill the fungus more gradually, so residual fungal spores on your shoes may make the fungus harder to treat. The PinPointe laser is FDA approved and has no side effects or downtime. To schedule a consultation with a licensed podiatrist, MD or nurse for the PinPointe laser treatment, give us a call at 1-(800) 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.