Treatments for toenail fungus come in different forms, all with their own pros and cons. It is up to the individual to make the decision to get treatment for toenail fungus and the decision of which treatment to receive. However, you should be informed about all of the treatment options available before you make this decision. Most of the treatments available are safe, but some can bring with them dangerous side effects. Before you start taking oral antifungal medications for fungus, you should understand the dangers that can come with them.

Oral medications for toenail fungus work by distributing antifungal chemicals throughout the bloodstream. Once ingested, the body absorbs the antifungals in the pill by digesting it and then processes them in the liver. Because the antifungal agents have to pass through the liver before they get to the toes, these medications can cause liver damage in some people. These treatments require blood tests before and during the course of medication to avoid damage to the liver.

More dangers come with oral medication for fungus because of their potential to interact with other drugs. Since these medications are distributed throughout the entire body as they kill fungus under the nail, they can react with other medications that are being taken at the same time. Because of this, any podiatrist prescribing oral antifungal medications should determine if they are safe for every patient to take.

Oral medications are often ineffective at treating toenail fungus. While this doesn’t directly speak to the dangers of taking them, if multiple courses of medication are required this will increase the risk of negative side effects. Fortunately, there are effective and safe treatments available for toenail fungus. The best treatment for toenail fungus is the FDA-approved PinPointe laser, which typically requires only one treatment to kill the fungus. This laser treatment has no side effects, pain, or downtime. To schedule a consultation with a podiatrist for the PinPointe laser treatment, give us a call at 1-(800) 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.