Detecting Early Signs of Nail Fungus

Fungi that cause nail fungal infection (Onychomycosis) presents everywhere. However, when these fungi overgrowth, you develop a fungal infection. They can go through your skin and nails, and the infection will appear as various form such as athlete’s foot and nail fungal infections. It is very important to detect the fungal infection as soon as possible, so you can prevent spreading the fungus to your family or different parts of your body. Here are some early signs that you can notice when you are affected by the fungal nail infection.

  1. Spotting on your nail

    The earliest sign you may notice is white spotting for streaking on your nail. You can also get streaks or white spots on the nail when you injure your nail, these signs can often be confusing. If you see these spotting and don’t remember hitting or putting stress on your nail, it may be the beginning of the fungal nail infection.

  2. Change in texture

    After a while, your infected nail may become thicker/thinner or brittle. Also, you may notice the surface of the nail gets rough.

  3. Change in shape

    Along with the change in texture, your nail may also change its shape over time.

If you are not sure whether you have a nail fungus. Don’t hesitate to ask podiatrist. Our clinic offers a free consultation for those who want to talk to a podiatrist about your problem. Call (800)672-0625 to schedule an appointment with your nearest clinic!

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