Before seeking medical attention for nail fungus, people often try various home remedies or over-the counter-treatment to try to treat it at home. As such, almost every single patient will aim to use over-the-counter topical treatment to cure nail fungus. But does it ever work?

Topical treatments used to cure nail fungus include ointments, creams and solutions with antifungal ingredients, most notably Tolnaftate and Clotrimazole. These are applied to the nails in the effort that the antifungal agent will kill the fungus and thus cure nail fungus. However, the sad reality is that topical treatments are almost entirely effective. 

Topical treatments cure nail fungus less than 6% of the time. The reason that topical treatments are so ineffective at curing nail fungus is due to the fact that the fungus is actually growing on the nail bed underneath the nail, and not on the nail itself. When the topical treatment is applied to the nails, it is only sitting on top of the nail and not able to reach the nail bed. Since topical treatments are very weak, they are not an effective means of curing nail fungus at all. However, they can be good at preventing future infections, and as such are often prescribed after nail fungus treatment to prevent reinfection. 

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