If you are wondering if nail polish causes nail fungus, good job – you’re on the right track in being conscious and proactive about your nail health. While nail polish does not directly cause nail fungus, it can contribute to it and encourage it, making it seem like nail polish causes nail fungus. In this post, we’ll explain how. 

When you are constantly wearing nail polish, you are creating a barrier over your nails that traps in moisture and does not allow your nails to breathe. This creates a moist and dark environment in which fungus can thrive, encouraging fungal growth and infection. In this way, nail polish can cause nail fungus. 

On the other hand, when you wear nail polish your nails are covered up so you can not easily notice any visible changes to your nail. This means that when your nails get thicker or yellow – which are common symptoms of nail fungus – you will not notice it until much later. This may allow the infection to get much worse. In this way as well, nail polish can cause nail fungus, and also cause it to worsen before you are able to get treatment. 

Another way nail polish can cause nail fungus is if you are sharing it with someone who is currently infected. The fungal spores deposit onto the brush when they apply it, and then are suspended in the bottle. The spores are then transferred to your nails when you apply it. This is often what happens in nail salons, and is the way in which nail salons and nail polish can cause nail fungus. 

If you have already been infected with nail fungus, you can easily get it treated by scheduling an appointment with one of our licensed doctors. You can schedule a free consultation with a doctor at one of over 120 locations by calling 1-(800) 672-0625, or going to https://www.lasernailtherapy.com/.