Early Signs & Symptoms

Injuries are common and especially on our feet. Our feet are closest to the ground where bacteria and viruses can grow and live. Furthermore we may not always know what exactly is taking place on our feet when we notice certain signs. Ingrown nails have a very distinct sign and can be noticed by paying attention to a few details.

Ingrown nails affect the outer edges of the nail. More often than not this will usually occur on the big toes, however it may still occur on other nails as well. Of the symptoms, the most common are redness, swelling, and pain at the surrounding skin of the nail.

Early on you will experience the pain and redness begin to develop. In the later stages you will then begin to experience swelling where excess skin will begin to grow around the edges of the nail. You may also notice a yellow pus or drainage occur. This yellow drainage does not necessarily mean that you have an infection, it is simply the bodies way of coping with the irritation. However an infection still may occur following this stage. An infection usually occurs when you start to see the swelling worsen and a white/yellow pus will occur. Lastly, although uncommon, you may also develop a fever.

If you notice any of the above signs it would be best to see your doctor or a podiatrist to find out if the problem is severe or needs further assistance.

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