Toenail fungus can be embarrassing and disturbing to look at. In times you are overwhelmed by the unsightly toenail fungus, you probably considered fake nails to cover them. Fake nails are not a permanent solution. When your nails begin to turn yellow, acrylic nails can cover the change in color. The acrylics may do the job of hiding the symptoms, but they will not stop the spread of the fungus.

Fake nails are actually a bad idea if you have a fungal nail infection. They make your nails a more suitable environment for nail fungus to grow. Adding a layer on top of the nail traps moisture in your nails, and that helps fungus to go deeper into the layers of your toenail. The longer you keep the fake nails on, the more time you give the fungal infection to develop. This will make it harder to treat. The fungus not only infects your nail, but it can stay on the nail bed as well. You will be surprised when you take the fake nails off, your nails would look worse than before.

To make your nails look better, instead of cover it with fake nails, you should treat it. Treatment for nail fungus does not need surgery or removal of the nails. Visit a podiatrist to get your nails diagnosed if it is a fungus. These foot doctors can recommend a treatment option that would be best for you. Contact a specialist as early as you can. Toenail fungus can be difficult to treat when it reaches severe stages. 

An efficient way to treat toenail fungus is with Laser Treatment. In our clinics, we use the PinPointe laser which typically requires only one treatment. Unlike other treatment options such as topical treatments and oral antifungal medication, laser treatment has no side effects and achieves about an 85% success rate.

If you have discolored toenails or have toenail fungus, contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our podiatrists. We have over 100 clinics nationwide, including Astoria in Queens, New York.