Fighting Fungus With Garlic

The use of garlic to treat fungal infections has been in practice for generations. It’s been known to be effective in treating hard to reach places making it stand out against other home remedies. The reason most doctors and medical treatments are unable to fully cure some fungal infections are because of their hard to reach areas, making garlic your best kept weapon!

So how exactly do you apply garlic to your nails? Start by applying a warm compress against the affected area. This will open the pores on the skin which will attract the fungus to the surface. Fungai love hot and moist environments and are naturally drawn to these conditions.

Apply one clove of mashed garlic to the affected area with a cotton ball, apply medical tape and wrap it around the toe so the gauze stays fixed. Replace with a clean dressing every three to five hours. Do not reuse the the same garlic, only use freshly mashed garlic!

Another thing that you can do to maximize the healing properties found in garlic is eat! Combat the fungus internally and externally, don’t give it a chance! Try to eat at least one clove daily, eating the extra clove will give the garlic more potency.

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