Fingernail Fungus and the Immune System

It is a common misconception that finger nail fungus results from poor hygiene; however, this is a myth. A fingernail infection cannot happen solely from a lack of hygiene, and once the infection occurs, washing the nails cannot cure it. Soap has little effect on fungus, and instead, in order to get rid of the fungus, you need to focus on your immune system. People with strong immune systems are more likely to fight off a fungal infection, and even if a person is exposed to fungus, the immune system is able to eliminate the fungi organisms before it causes an infection. People who have other illnesses or poor health have an increased chance of contracting nail fungus. Eating healthy and taking supplements to boost your immune system is a great strategy for preventing nail fungus. If a person does get fingernail fungus, there are several options for treatment. There are several home remedies that are available for people to try, such as soaking your nails in white vinegar. Although these remedies are commonplace, no research has been done to prove the effectiveness in curing the fungus. The majority of topical treatments are a low effectiveness because it is treating the external nail, when the fungus could be only under the nail bed, and consequently impenetrable with these treatments.

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