Fungal Breakdown

Prevention is important in almost anything we have been warned about in life, however we may not always know how to prevent certain mishaps or all the things that we need to practice prevention for. Ingrown nails are one such issue that many people develop but are unaware of how to steer clear of.

Fungus lives on almost all surfaces and almost everywhere. With this in mind, there is a small percentage of fungus that can cause infections, such as a fungal nail infection. It may seem difficult to prevent but with a few small tips you may be able to prevent the issue from occurring.

Nail infections are both hereditary and contagious, therefore it can easily be passed from one individual to another. It is important that if you are living with someone that has nail fungus, to make sure to always keep your own hands and feet clean and dry to avoid contracting the fungus.

Public showers, pools, and locker rooms are thriving with fungi. Since fungi live in warm and moist spaces, these particular areas fit that category. Make sure to wear sandals/flip flops in these areas and not go barefoot.

If you visit a nail salon, make sure that the instruments are disinfected before use. You may also bring in your own instruments to be on the safe side, but of course you must make sure your own tools are disinfected as well. Visit only reputable salons or ones that practice sanitation and cleanliness.

To stop a fungal infection in its tracks visit a specialist, either a podiatrist or a doctor and get their opinion. If they see that it is infact an infection they will likely prescribe you a medication. Most of the time doctors will prescribe a topical cream or oral medications. Laser treatment is also a more recent option that is provided to patients, however not all doctors offer that service.

If you notice a fungal infection beginning or want to take precaution, you want to be sure to address the issue in real time. Waiting for it to get better on its own does nothing but simply worsen the situation.

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