Nail fungus is a tough infection to really tackle, especially permanently. Since the infection is essentially a disease, there is always a potential for reinfection. However, it can be avoidable if the appropriate precautions are taken and if post treatment care is followed. With that said, it is understandable that many people do not prefer or are against conventional methods of treatment. This is understandable and after studies and countless experiments people have found home remedies to have worked for this infectious problem.

One of the more recent discoveries of a remedy is garlic. Garlic really? We know, but apparently garlic has antimicrobial properties that specifically target fungal infections. So how should you go about it? You’ll want to get a peeled clove of garlic and crush it very finely. Then take the mixture and rub a good amount to the affected areas on both the nail and the foot/hand. Next, you will want to cover it with a saran wrap and leave it overnight, so it is obviously best to do this before bed. You will then want to remove the wrap in the morning and wash the areas that were covered, making sure to dry it well. Lastly, apply a drop of tea tree oil to the affected areas that were covered. You may repeat this process about 2-3 times a week until the infection has dissipated.

Although this garlic method is not a cure, it has still been known the help individuals suffering from a fungal infection. Of course, there are more medically beneficial options available, but if you are one that prefers at home methods or looking to take care of the problem on your own before seeking medical attention, this may be a good starting point.