The Good Fungi and the Bad Fungi

The mycobiome is the community of fungi found on an organism and humans has one too. It has up to 23 strains of fungal species in each of our bodies. Fungus is not entirely bad, in fact, it can even be beneficial to your health, such as the mycorrhizal species and aspergillus.

Ways fungi have been beneficial to our bodies can best be exemplified fungi used to treat medical conditions such as high cholesterol, hepatitis B, cancer, and influenza. Another example is the fungus Penicillium chrysogenum which is used to create penicillin. Of course, beneficial fungi are the edible ones we see on food and pizza!

However, they can actually be harmful to you as well, even the good fungi when they overpopulate.

One example of bad fungi is those that cause infection in the body. These infections occur in specific areas of the body such as under the nail. If you usually stay in moist or dark environments such as inside the shoe. Learn more about how fungi cause fungal infections here.

Common infections in the body are popularly known as:

  • Athlete’s foot

  • Jock itch 

  • Ringworm

  • Yeast infection

If you think you are experiencing the negative side of fungi in your nails contact us to schedule a consultation and check out our blogpost on symptoms of nail fungus to determine whether your condition is caused by that of fungi!

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