Got Thick Nails?

One of the most common causes of a thickening or distorted nail is a result of a toenail fungal infection. They can come from a number of causes such as trauma, sports injury, pressure from shoes or improperly fitting shoes, and other less common symptoms such as psoriasis and diabetes. However thickening may not only be a sign of a nail fungus and could be due to something completely different. It is important to contact a podiatrist if you have such a symptom. If the thickening goes untreated, the nails do have the potential to detach and fall off.

Some symptoms that go along with nail thickening consist of brittle nails, a yellowing of the nails, and rigidness in appearance. Pain is also a factor that pairs along with thickening.

You may begin treating the nail by keeping them short and thin. Do so by filing down the nail using a nail file/grinder, or a debridement machine if you have access to one. Topicals may also be used in conjunction with the filing. Using an antifungal cream may also help avoid ulcers that can develop underneath the nails. Lastly, using antifungal foot spray or powder in your shoes can help in treating the nails and avoiding any further infection.

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