Honey, Cure My Fungus!

So you wake up in the morning have a cup of tea with some honey, you look down at your feet and your sick and tired of looking at your fungal nails, which are either discolored, distorted, or just painful. Well, your honey may be able to do more than just sweeten your tea and can very well help treat those unsightly toenails of yours as well.

Honey has been known to have properties that help soothe, lubricate, and get rid of bacteria. Since honey contains hydrogen peroxide, it also aids in killing nail fungus by extracting toxins. Organic honey is important to use to get the full effect here, as the inorganic ones have added ingredients that may disrupt this process. Simply begin by adding a spoonful of honey to the infected nails and then place a piece of sterile gauze on top (this helps keep the honey in place). You may repeat this process twice a day, however you must make sure you are thoroughly washing the area afterward making the nail clean and dry. Do this process until your nails show improvement.

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