When children catch something infectious, their interactions with other children can often facilitate spreading the condition. This is commonly seen with a large variety of conditions, including sicknesses like the flu, and lice. One condition that is talked about less is toenail fungus; children spread this condition to other children in many ways. Parents may be concerned about their child contracting fungal infection, or if they already have a child with a fungus may be worried about them spreading it to others. For these parents, the best next step is to learn about the nature of toenail fungus infections and why children spread them easily.

Toenail fungus spores live under the nail bed and use this environment to reproduce. These spores can also survive on other surfaces, like floors and nail clippers. When the toes of someone who isn’t infected come in contact with these spores, there is potential for infection. The spores can latch on to the nail bed and then start to grow. Children spread toenail fungus more easily than adults because they more frequently do activities where they are barefoot around other children. For example, children are more likely to participate in sports, where locker room floors are a big risk of infection. Children are also more likely to swim, and the floors of public pools are also an area of high risk. Children spread their fungus to other children via these surfaces.

While children spread toenail fungus fairly quickly, there are a few habits you can teach your child to prevent them from getting or spreading an infection. Make sure they always wear shoes or sandals when walking on public surfaces like locker rooms. If your child has a toenail fungus, the best thing to do is have them seen by a licensed podiatrist immediately. The best treatment available for fungus is the PinPointe laser, which is safe for children and only requires one session to eliminate the fungus. To schedule a consultation with a podiatrist for the PinPointe laser treatment, give us a call at 1-(800) 672-0625 or visit our website for more information.