When we think of and address nail fungus, the default seems to be toenail fungus since that is far more common than fingernail fungus. That is probably why fingernail fungus remains ignored, to the extent that many people do not know how to protect themselves from fingernail fungus. In this blog post we can help you out with that, by pointing out the ways in which you can catch fingernail fungus. 

The first way in which you can catch fingernail fungus is from your own feet. The most common way for people to get fingernail fungus is when they get toenail fungus, which then spreads to the skin and the fingernails, amongst other parts of the body. So, to avoid catching fingernail fungus in this way, you should take the normal cautionary steps of preventing toenail fungus – wearing shoes in public places, washing your feet often and keeping them dry, and wearing clean and dry socks and shoes. If you already have toenail fungus, you should seek early treatment to prevent it from spreading to your fingernails. 

Similar to how toenail fungus spreads in places where your feet are coming into contact with fungal spores deposited by others, the same holds true for fingernail fungus. You can catch fingernail fungus where you are touching things that are touched by many other people; examples including computer keyboards at offices, libraries, or computer cafes, or even elevator buttons. Washing your hands with soap frequently helps to prevent not only this, but the spread of many other harmful germs. Another extremely common place where many people get fingernail fungus is at nail salons, which reuse nail tools and nail polish on hundreds of clients without properly sterilizing them. 

If you observe signs of fingernail fungus, it can worsen quickly, spread to others, or spread to your toenails if it has not yet. This is why it is just as important to treat your fingernails early.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation  with one of our doctors to evaluate your symptoms of nail fungus. We have over 120 locations, including Charlotte, NC.