How Did I Get Nail Fungus?

Fungus is everywhere and lives on almost all surfaces, however there is a small percentage that can infect and become problematic. This small percentage is not difficult to obtain though. In fact, there are a number of very easy ways you could retract a nail fungus.

Public places are the most common ways you can obtain a nail fungus. When we say public places we are using the term generically for places such as swimming pools, showers, locker rooms, gyms, nail salons, and other areas where moisture, warmth, and the foot come together. These surfaces carry the most bacteria and fungus causing agents. Since fungus thrives off of moisture and warmth, they are likely to attach to anything that touches these surfaces, and when your warm foot (or hand) comes in contact with these surfaces, you are likely to have a fungi attach to your skin and eventually travel to the nails. When it comes to nail salons, it is a similar process that occurs, however there are other ways to get the nail fungus at a nail salon. Many salons, busy or not, will often fail to disinfect their instruments after each use. This in turn leads to the rapid spread of nail fungus to clients.

Furthermore, contracting the nail fungus physically may not always be the cause of your nail fungus. If someone in your family has or still is suffering from a nail fungus or athlete’s foot, that may be why you have developed one as well. Nail fungus is hereditary and runs through blood lines. Lastly, some diabetics are more suseptible to fungal nail infections due to their immune deficiency.

So if you were wondering how exactly you or someone you know has obtained a nail fungus or simply want to know how to avoid it, here are your answers. Treatment options are always available and should be weighed.

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