When someone becomes infected with toenail fungus, lots of questions come up. One of the more prominent ones is “how did I get it?” There are lots of different ways to become infected with toenail fungus. It can often be difficult to find out exactly how you became infected, but doing a little research could help you figure out how toenail fungus might have infected you.

One of the most common ways for people to get toenail fungus is by keeping their toes cramped up in shoes all day long. Toenail fungus thrive in moist and dark places such as shoes so wearing the same shoes and socks day after day will not help you keep toenail fungus out. On the subject of shoes, if you live with someone who has toenail fungus, make sure they wear shoes around the house so the fungal spores don’t spread from there feet to yours.

Another way that a lot of people become infected with toenail fungus, especially females, is by going to nail salons. Nail salons don’t always sanitize their equipment. When they don’t sanitize them properly, fungal spores from one person can end up spreading to another person. Make sure you talk to your nail salon to find out if they sanitize their equipment properly. If they do, ask them to use antifungal nail polish to help decrease your risk of becoming infected in the future.

There are countless other ways to become infected as well. A foot doctor such as a podiatrist can tell you all about them and might even be able to figure out how you became infected in the first place. Podiatrists can also help you find the best possible toenail fungus treatment option available. The sooner you get rid of your toenail fungus the sooner you’ll be able to start worrying about how you became infected.