How Does Fungus Start?

Do you, like so many others, suffer from a nail fungal infection? Have you tried method after method to remove this stubborn fungus but to no avail? Are you fed up and near the point of exhaustion? You are not alone, thousands of people suffer every year from toenail infections. But how did all this start and where did you go wrong?

Most nail infections for women are picked up from salons. A place where a majority of women gather to obtain healthy and attractive looking nails. It is most unfortunate that a place where most people go to achieve better looking nails is actually one of the most dangerous and easiest places to pick up a nail fungal infection.

Nail salons see a lot of people every day, a good nail salon has patrons returning on the regular. Some of these patrons, and some of their walk ins may already be carriers of nail fungus. And if your salon isn’t keeping healthy and sanitary work stations, it is too easy for the fungus to spread from client to client. If you aren’t bringing your own polish and tools there’s really no way of knowing if a salon’s equipment is safe. Most high end salons are more proactive against the fight of nail fungus. Be sure if you’re going in for a pedicure you see your nail technician lining your bowl with a plastic lining! This will prevent any bacteria from the client before you to intermingle with your pedicure water.

Men on the other hand develop toenail infections from poor shoe habits, bad foot hygiene, and work boots. Fungus thrives in damp, warm, dark environments which makes running shoes and work boots one of the best places for fungus to grow. If you aren’t changing your socks regularly, letting your shoes breathe, or washing and replacing dark dirty insoles, your chances of nail fungus sky rockets. Your nails are also extremely susceptible to nail fungus after a recent injury, so take care of them and keep them clean.

Be proactive now! Don’t keep thinking this won’t or can’t happen to you, because it can! Very easily too. Keep your shoes clean, let them breathe after a run or workout. Take care of your nails after an injury and use antifungal creams or polishes.

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