Nail fungus is so, so infectious and contagious that it may seem downright perplexing. It also makes it that much more difficult and urgent to prevent nail fungus. However, to prevent nail fungus, you first have to understand how it spreads. 

The way nail fungus – or any fungus for that matter – spreads is through the fungal spores. Fungal spores are the reproductive units of nail fungus, and they are basically dormant forms of the fungus. When you come into contact with fungal spores, they try to reach the nail bed underneath your nail. Usually the nail acts as a barrier from doing that. However, if you have a cut on the skin surrounding your nail or a crack in the nail, the fungal spores can easily reach the nail bed. Once they do, the fungal spores grow and proliferate to cause a nail fungus infection, which then goes on to feed on the keratin protein of the nail and infect the nail, creating the change in texture and appearance of the nail that is characteristic of nail fungus. 

So now that you know how the nail fungus spreads, you have to take steps to prevent coming into contact with fungal spores. They are most common in dark and damp places, since this is the most ideal environment for them. Intuitively, you are also most likely to come into contact with nail fungus in places that see contact with many people from different households, many of whom may be carriers. This includes places like public poolsides, gym showers, and nail salons. The important thing to do is to always wear shoes in these places and wash your hands after touching any public items. You must also always only visit nail salons that use sterilized nail tools. 

If you have caught nail fungus due to its infectious nature, you can easily get treated using the FDA-approved PinPointe laser, which typically takes only one treatment to kill all the fungus and has no recovery period after. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors at one of our over 120 locations, including Charlotte, NC.