A fungal nail infection is not a serious health problem, but it can affect the appearance of your toes. It can also cause pain when the nail falls from the nail bed. Furthermore, a fungal infection can be very difficult to get rid of.

Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus is the infection of the nail caused by microscopic organisms- fungal spores – that thrive in warm, damp environments. These fungal spores are present in the air and can land and grow on a receptive host environment such as the skin or the surface of the nail. Once they land on the surface, they feed on the tissues of the nail and burrow into the layers of the nail and the nail bed. This causes the nail to thicken and lift off the nail bed due to the debris accumulated between the nail plate and the nail bed.

Since the fungus thrives in warm, damp environments, it can grow easily with sweaty feet. To protect yourself from a fungal nail infection, wear thick socks that absorb wick away moisture to keep your toes dry. Using anti fungal foot powder also helps in preventing the fungus to grow and spread. Try to avoid shoes that are too tight and applies pressure on your nails. Wear shoes that allow your toes to breathe. When going to gym lockers or public swimming pools, wear sandals or flip flops to avoid infection.

If you have toenail fungus, don’t let it get worse. Consult a doctor as soon as you see symptoms. Treating toenail fungus can be difficult as the infection gets worse. The most efficient way to treat nail fungus is using the PinPointe Laser. It typically requires one treatment to get rid of the fungus. It uses heat that target the fungus, and gets rid of it without causing any pain or damage. 

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