How Nail Fungus Spreads

If you know anything about nail fungus, you know how easily it spreads. This infectious fungus has been known to infect entire households and apartment floors. But do you know how and why? And do you know how to defend yourself from ever getting infected?

Unfortunately nail fungus is extremely infections, if you suffer from a toenail infection the chances you already have the fungus on all your nails is extremely likely even if you can’t see the fungus with your naked eye. The reason for this are the fungal spores, the spores are what makes the fungus so infectious. They can easily travel from toe to toe and even upwards to your fingernails!

If you don’t see the fungus physically affecting your other nails it most likely means the fungal spores are still there, they’re just living dormant. Meaning if you’re attempting treatment you can’t just treat the one or two infected nails you see. You must treat all the nails per infected foot! This is the most common mistake when treating and attempting to cure nail fungus.

Nail fungus can spread through the carpets of households to locker rooms and showers, and most commonly through shared shoes. To prevent any nail infections be proactive! Stop sharing shoes, always wear flip flops in public showers or communal locker rooms. If you’ve noticed a family member or housemate has signs of nail fungus ask them to buy a disinfectant spray after they take off their shoes. Protect yourself early on so you’ll never have to go toe to toe with nail fungus.

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