Many of us wonder what can be causing our nail fungus, why it will not go away, and how to make it stop. Well believe it or not Vitamin D works beyond just providing you the sunlight and endorphins you need, it also helps with killing nail fungus.

Sunlight, as many of us already know, has drying tendencies. Thus the reason we are told to keep nails and feet/hands dry to keep away fungus. Same thing goes for sunlight in that it literally will dry up any moisture on your feet and hands to help keep fungus away. We encourage wearing sandals or open toed shoes as often as possible to help keep the feet both dry and moisture free, as opposed to closed toed shoes which can make the feet moist from sweat, especially with socks on as well.

Additionally, if you would like to combine this sunlight technique with a workout you can potentially see much faster and better results. Exercise helps with blood circulation which helps flush out the toxins in the body, including fungi. So get on your bike, go for a walk or a run in the sun and you can be sure that you are helping your nails stay or become fungus free in no time