Nail fungus causes the nails to be discolored, flaky, brittle, and thickened. They are caused by a branch of fungi that are called dermatophytes and are responsible for other skin infections such as jock itch and ringworm. Nail fungus is a very common condition that adults become more susceptible to as they age. It is very common for people who have nail fungus to reinfect themselves because they did not change their habits or environment that caused the infection in the first place. In order to decrease your chances of infection you can follow these steps:

  1. Toenail Clipping:

    Make sure to use clean tools to trim your nails. The proper way of trimming toe nails is to cut straight across. This way also prevents ingrown toenails.

  2. Footwear:

    Wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe and give your toes enough room. Breathable shoes also allow the shoes to let out moisture and decrease the amount of sweat stuck inside the shoe.  

  3. Change shoes:

    It is important to change your shoes. When your shoes get wet, be sure to let them dry out and disinfect them using a shoe spray or leaving them out in the sun to ensure that the bacteria is eradicated 

  4. Barefoot:

    Walking barefoot can increase your chances of getting a nail fungus, even in your own home. Be sure to always wear shower slippers in the shower, and house shoes when walking throughout the shoes. 

  5. Disinfect:

    Not only is it important to clean your shoes but you should also keep your home and showers clean of any lingering fungus. While in the shower, it’s also important to wash your feet and to ensure that the shower floor is clean. 

Nail tools: It is also important not to be sharing nail tools or shoes and ensure that your nail salon is using clean tools. It is even better if you are bringing your own tools to the salon so you don’t run the risk of contracting an infection from dirty tools. Clean your grooming tools with hot water or alcohol.