Choosing the right shoe when going out to pick out some replacements for your worn down sneakers is more important than one might think. For one, the wrong shoes can cause a numerous amount of health problems such as:

  • Peripheral neuropathy 
  • Foot pain 
  • Toe deformities such as corns and calluses,
  • Nail deformities such as nail fungus and 
  • Ingrown nails (Effects of an ingrown nail on the body can be found here
  • Bruising, blisters, nail damage
  • Back pain 

With this, it is very important to get shoes that are not only your favorite color and style, but also give your feet the support and arch it needs! Some key characteristics of a good pair of shoes are:

  • Sturdy backing of the heel 
  • Slight flexibility when you twist the shoe 
  • Arch support 
  • Enough space between your toes and the sides of your feet 

You should know when to replace your shoes by the heel of the shoe, and whether it is angled or not. We  know this if the side of the heel is slightly turned, which can alter the way you walk and cause leg pain. In addition, running shoes should be replaced every 400 miles because they lose their absorptivity as they become worn down. A solid rule of thumb is to switch out old running shoes at least once a year.