How to Continue Playing Your Sport While Staying Fungus Free

Many of us often engage in some type of exercise in order to maintain their health, and one way for people to stay fit is by playing a sport. From hiking to an intense game of football, sports are a great way to not only have fun while staying active, but it puts your feet at risk for contracting a toenail fungus. 

One factor is your increased chance of a toe injury during a game of soccer or a charge from your opponent in basketball. In addition to all the force and blows your feet may endure, it is also excreting pints of sweat that stays within your shoe. This environment then becomes an outlet for athlete’s foot which may then lead to fungus growth under your nail.

Toenail fungus may also develop on its own, due to the nature of the environment as well. Dark, damp, and filled with bacteria your shoe gives all a fungus needs to thrive and grow, and in turn, becomes an unsightly and contagious medical problem. 

Despite the risk, you can still continue playing sports while staying fungal free by following keeping your hands and feet dry, and practicing clean habits like wearing shower shoes, in order to decrease your chances of contracting a toenail infection. 

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