How to Keep Your Feet Away from Fungus

Even if you have treated your toenail fungus, people can always reinfect themselves if they keep the same lifestyle. The important thing is to learn how to keep yourself away from fungus in daily life. Here are some examples,

  • Dry your feet using a towel after bath or swimming

    • Make sure to wipe in between your toes. If possible, use a hairdryer to dry your feet.

  • Wear shoes that have a breathing space for your toe

    • Tight shoes will make a moist environment for your toes, which will encourage the fungi to grow.

  • Try not to wear the same shoes two days in a row

    • Let your shoes dry after you wearing all day.

  • Take your shoes off as often as you can.

    • This also helps to reduce humidity inside the shoes. Keeping your feet and shoes dry is a key.

  • Try not to walk barefoot in a public place such as a swimming pool or communal showers.

    • Wear flip-flops instead

  • Do not share towels, shoes, or socks.

    • By sharing them, you are more likely to get infected by the fungus as well as spread your fungus to others.

Fungi and bacteria go through your nails through cracks. Be extra careful when your nails are injured or right after toenail surgery.

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